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(Q.) What is The Fundamental of Computer?

Answer: A computer is an electronic device that receives data, stores and processes data into information. The computer is capable to work because there is guidance in its memory addressing it.

The machines of the computer that you can notice and reach, such as the keyboard, monitor and the mouse are declared hardware. The instructions that direct the computer are called software or computer program.

Data which is fresh facts that you the user enter into the computer is named input. This introduces; words, numbers, sound and pictures.

If the data is entered into the computer, the computer processes the data to display information which is output. For example, you enter 4+2 into the computer as data, the computer processes it and the result is 6 which is information.

(Q.) What is Computer Fundamental Course?

Answer: Computer Fundamental courses at Tutorial Clubs are introduced for students interested in basic Knowledge with normal operating systems as Windows/Dos.

This courses will offer a piece of useful knowledge for the student interested in working a computer or Courses Windows to know basic system environment or who wish to upgrade their skill in the computer system.

Every course is organized with basic theory and conceptual process in a computer. All students will learn the basic concepts and most recent features and functions of various systems software and application software.

Courses will cover user account and the good configuration of the fundamental program. Students will have sufficient opportunity to practice, apply and develop their computer skills through the practically orientated e-book.

Computer Fundamentals PDF

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Tutorial Clubs Offers Beginners Computer Fundamentals Pdf Free Download.