Pay More for DTH & Cable Service

DTH Price Hike , Pay More for DTH & Cable Service , Cable Price Hike

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Pay More for DTH & Cable

Indian TV customers might got to deal out extra money for their monthly cable or DTH (direct to home) bill beginning january 1st, after the new tariff order for the broadcast sector comes into impact as per the directions of TRAI.

As per the new tariff regime set by the regulator, customers currently have the choice to pick out and pay just for TV channels they need to look at at the most retail value (MRP) set by the various broadcasters.

“In the last few days, all the TV networks have initiate with the a-la-carte MRP of their channels.”

DTH , Cable Price Hike

Major broadcasters have conjointly come up with their own bouquets that attach non-performing or non-popular channels with the driving force or flagship channels.

Back of the envelope calculation by ET shows that at the declared bouquet costs, for the essential, non premium channels, a client within the Hindi region (no HD or regional channels), can find yourself paying Rs 430-440 per month under the new tariffs.

TRAI Guideline

Currently, in phase III and IV cities, customers pay a monthly bill of Rs 200-250, and in massive cities, a cable/ DTH bill for 250+ channels – which includes sports and regional channels – prices between to Rs 350-400.

“As per the new rate structure, a client can need to pay to Rs 130 (plus taxes) for first set of 100 channels, which is able to be largely free-to-air (FTA) channels.”

If a client decides to shop for basic packages from prime broadcasters, that include popular genres like general entertainment, movies, kids, music, news and infotainment, she’s going to got to pay further Rs 184 for 95 pay channels. And on prime of that a network capability fee of Rs 100 (Rs 25 per 20 channels) will be extra. Read TRAI Guideline


In short, within the new regime, a consumer can have to pay to Rs 450 a month for the basic channels, while not regional or sports, if he or she is choosing bouquets.

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