What is Search Engine Optimization and How it works

If you are looking for what is Search Engine Optimization and How it works? or something related to that.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Maybe you’re searching for what’s Search Engine Optimization and the way it works? Or something related to that.

You are here perhaps by searching on Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines.

We are glad you are here.

Have to understand what’s Search Engine Optimization and How it works? We’ve made this supreme SEO guide for you to understand in a better way.
This can help both, both the novices and the people who are slightly conscious of SEO.

Some of the greatest questions that we get are what’s Search Engine Optimization and the way it works?
Thus, let’s get right into it.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It’s directly related to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.

SEO is an algorithm, or you’ll be able to say that servers of Google, that assist you in rank your site or website on top of search engine result pages for the targeted keywords.

If you are following all the SEO calculations then, be certain, your site will rank on top of Search engines.

SEO aids in ranking your article and posts on Google top pages so that, people will go to your site and get the best value out of it.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important?

Now, the question arises is why SEO is important?
Allow me to inform you. You are here on this particular article because you have searched something on Search engine related to”What is SEO and how it works? And by visiting one of these, you’re here.

Within this entire procedure from searching your query to property on this page. SEO, search engines, SERPs, are not there.

Let me clear you what is your SEO, SERPs, Search Engine.

Search Engine So here, Google is your Search Engine in which you set your queries and according to them, Google Search engine will give you the best results for your own queries.

Google is the most popular search engine. that’s why Nearly All People use Google as a search Engine.

When you search Something on Search Engine afterwards, according to the keyword you search a listing of best results will be displayed to you.
The best results that are revealed to you’re called Search Engine Result Pages.


For better understand what is SEO, let us take the previous example.
When you search”What is SEO and how it works step by step Guide”. The best relevant post which is appeared in front of you is the end result of Search Engine Optimization.

Why SEO is Important?

After understanding that what is SEO, what’s Search Engines, What are Search Engine Result Pages.

The next thought comes in mind is why Search engine optimization is essential for a site or blog.

Every Blogger desires their blog will get an increasing number of traffic. Traffic on the blog increases only if, that site or post will rank on top pages of Search Engines. And to rank on top on Google SEO is very important.

So, for ranking on top of Search engine result pages, Search engine optimization is very important. Seo is something which will aid in rank articles on top pages of search engines.

Let us take an example for better comprehension.

When you searched on Google for the keyword like”step by step guide for Search Engine Optimization”, tens of thousands and lakhs of relevant results will be displayed to you.

But, you simply visited for the first four or five outcomes that are on the very top. You barely go to the next and third page of SERPs.

Honestly let me know how many times you move the 2 or 3 pages of SERPs. Hardly 1 or 2 times.

Here, SEO has an important role.

Every blogger would like to rank on the first page of Google to ensure, he’ll get maximum traffic from there.

If your article is ranked on 2 or 3 pages afterwards, you’ll get less traffic or we could say that no visitors. Because almost 1 per cent or 2%, individuals visit the two or three pages.

And this will happen only when they won’t get the right information on the first page.

The posts or posts which are ranked on the first page of Google is simply because of Search Engine Optimization.

They have optimized their article is the best manner. That is why that guide is rated on Top. So, this is the importance of Search engine optimization for the website. I believe now, it’s obvious for you.

Advantages of SEO into Blogger:-

As I mentioned previously, every blogger would like to rank their post on top of search results because this will generate more traffic for them.

Sothe benefits for the blogger of SEO is that they will create more traffic with the assistance of SEO. And more traffic means more Revenue and sells.

Benefits of SEO into visitors:-

The very first priority of Google is to satisfy his client. So, the advantages of SEO to people is that when an individual searches for something on Google with the keywords.

He/she will find the very best result for the question that he/she searched. SEO assists in showing the best results to the question searched on Google.
This will be benefited for both Blogger or visitors. Blogger will get traffic on the website and, a user will receive the very best result for their query.

How Does SEO Work:

When it comes to how exactly does search engine optimization works, allow me to keep it very straightforward and easy to understand in 3 easy steps.
Before telling you the measures of how SEO works, one thing you ought to know is SEO is split into two sub SEO classes that are OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO.


Crawling is the first measure of SEO. After creating your site, you have to tell Google that you have created a website by submitting it into Google Webmaster Search Console.

After that Google Bot and Spider will come to your site for assessing your entire site.

Google bots and the spider will scan Your Entire site Concerning the following specified below:-

  • Number of Pages on the site
  • Quantity of Article on the Website
  • Scanning of skinny and plagiarize content
  • Identifying of Website


Indexing is the next step of SEO. If that which is correct then, Google will index your site from Search Engine.

You may examine your website indexed position by typing“site: www. yoursite.com”. After that hit the button. After that, all the indexed page and article in the search engines will probably look.


Ranking means the position at which your site posts or articles will rank on a particular keyword.

It all will depend on how good SEO you’ve done on your website. Google will scan your site and according to Google Algorithm, Google will decide your website position in the search engine result pages.

Hence, Search engine optimization is a really complex concept since it contains tons of factors that affect the positioning of your website. Google Web crawlers and spiders are there to provide the best support of their customers.

Therefore, should you doing everything right according to SEO and without breaking Google Policies. Then, for sure, Bots and the spider will help you to rank higher on SERPs.

With a particular end goal to do this, search engines will scan, or crawl, distinct sites to better comprehend what the page is about.
This encourages them to convey more relevant results to the people that are searching for specific topics or keywords.

Correspondingly, the net crawlers will examine the webpage to decide it is so natural to research and read, simple to comprehend and user-friendly.
Every page attempts to ensure that their website positions will be high from the web crawlers for important keywords and phrases.

Types of Search Engine Optimization(SEO):-

On Page SEO

About Page SEO refers to preferences that you may apply on your site with the goal that it will rank on the first page of Google Search results.

In OnPage SEO you can optimize your site based on Google Bot and spiders.

Thus, Google crawler will crawl your site and set it on top of search results.

Off Page SEO

Promoting your site and posts the URL to rank along with Google by sharing its connection on other programs is called OffPage SEO. OffPage SEO is done out of your website.

When you discuss your site to post links on other platforms afterwards, search engine crawl that connects and give a boost to your website.

If you are sharing your website links on Top Domain Authority(DA) websites then, it will be beneficial to your site in terms of ranking.

Link Building

Link construction is the most well known and effective off-Page SEO strategy. Fundamentally by building links that are external to your site, you’re attempting to accumulate as many’votes’ as you can, with the aim that you’re able to enhance your competitors and rank greater.

By way of instance, if somebody enjoys this article and references it from his/her site or blog, at the point this resembles telling web crawlers that this page has excellent information.

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