WordPress Latest Version Update Release 5.0.1

WordPress Latest Version Update 5.0.1 Features , Pros & Cons

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WordPress Latest Version Update 5.0.1 Features


You should continuously update WordPress to the newest version. once a brand new version of WordPress is on the market you may receive associate degree update message in your WordPress Admin Screens. To update WordPress, click the link during this message.

There square measure 2 ways for change – the best is that the one-click update, which can work for many folks. If it does not work, otherwise you simply a lot of highly to be more active, you’ll be able to follow the manual update method.

Back up WordPress


Before you start, it is a sensible plan to make a copy your web site. this suggests if there square measure any problems you’ll be able to restore your web site. Complete directions to create a backup may be found within the WordPress Backups section of the Codex.

One-click Update


Modern versions of WordPress allow you to update with the clicking of a button. (This feature was additional in two.7, thus if you’re exploitation associate older version, you’ll have to be compelled to follow the steps to update manually.) you’ll be able to launch the update by clicking the link within the remake banner (if it’s there) or by about to the Dashboard > Updates screen. Once you’re on the “Update WordPress” page, click the button “Update Now” to start out the method off. you mustn’t have to be compelled to do the rest and, once it’s finished, you’ll be up-to-date.

“WARNING: The upgrade method can have an effect on all files and folders enclosed within the main WordPress installation. This includes all the core files accustomed run WordPress. If you have got created any modifications to those files, your changes are going to be lost.”

Failed Updates


If you see a “failed update” nag message, delete the file .maintenance from your WordPress directory victimization FTP. this may take away the “failed update” nag message.

If the one-click upgrade does not work for you, do not panic! simply strive a manual update.

WordPress Latest Version Pros & Cons

As with any redo of WordPress, we have a tendency to continually advocate testing. This would possibly sound sort of a broken record, however as a result of this unleash impacts everything from the editor, to third-party plugins, and even your theme, take a look ating isn’t optional! If you don’t test, things might simply break. this is often one unleash wherever you don’t need to merely click that update button.

That being same, let’s dive into everything that’s new with WordPress 5.0.1 release.

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